Utilise the river

Clean up the river leading right up to Tesco. Relocate Tesco and totally redevelop this area to include bars, restaurants, accommodation, arts venues. Use locks to keep the water in. Use Cardiff Bay and Exeter Quays as an example of what can be done. Events could also be held here. Trees to keep away the seagulls.
A beautiful cycle and footpath could be created on both sides of the river with a foot bridge near Tesco and on at Malpas near the lock to create a circular route.
we need to bring more life into the city, make it more vibrant. Make it somewhere people of all ages want to visit and live. Make it a clean enjoyable place to be during the day and night. More policing, street bobbies.
Also think about the infrastructure. Affordable transport links including tram, water taxis.
The City is suffocating, young and professional people don’t want to come or live here anymore because there is nothing here anymore! This would revive it.
PLEASE save our CITY!

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