Variety of real shops to bring life back to the town

I would like a variety of shops so that I can do all my shopping in Stapleford. Butchers, greengrocer, delicatessen, fishmonger and a space for a regular weekly artisan farmers market etc. A cafe where locals can meet and chat and a wine bar for those long lazy weekends. Currently apart from two bargain shops with limited choice there is no need for me to step foot on the Stapleford high street as I can’t buy the items I need. Bring back a bustling little
Town like it used to be and STOP with the charity shops and fast food outlets. Give us back the Stapleford that we used to have and make
It hip and trendy again for all to enjoy! Take a leaf out of West Bridgeford’s book and give us what they have!! Let people from outside the area WANT to come to Stapleford as well as giving the locals a town centre they can be proud of again!

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