Various suggestions

At least one bank. A very important issue for the needs of people in Stapleford. The nearest banks are Beeston and Long Eaton, why should people in Stapleford have to pay for petrol/bus fare simply to reach a bank?

A non-charity clothing shop. Whilst charities are important, not every item can be purchased in a charity shop. Again, why should the people of Stapleford have to travel to Beeston and Long Eaton to get to clothing shops when it only takes the removal of 1 or 2 charity shops in Stapleford (out the endless charity shops there are in Stapleford)? This would also attract more people to the town centre and the things that already exist there.

Other suggestions:
Pedestrianised areas to allow for more socialising.
Community/help centre.
Improve the town’s general appearance.
Provide a tip – our family usually has to drive to Beeston for this. I imagine it would be even harder for those who do not drive.
Perhaps a third restaurant (currently have limited options).

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1 comment on “Various suggestions

  1. agree that a bank in Stapleford will be very useful. It was difficult for a lot of people and still is to travel to beeston and nottingham after nattiest and Lloyds bank shut. The lost 3 months even more so now with social distancing it would be helpful to have a bank back.

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