Various thoughts

Scarborough needs to provide cleaner streets, beaches and roads into Scarborough town centre to make it look appealing.
Improve the road structures into the town, Filey Road and Seamer Road, look at the congestion reasons e.g. road layout. Provide a larger variety of activities for families of all family ages and provide better advertising of such events, e.g. provide a newsletter either paper form or email those who register, to all residents in the borough including places like Brid, Filey and Pickering (but this must be communicated to residents too) Help businesses stay in business longer and provide a better variety of shops in the town centre, do not restrict the parking around Scarborough so visitors/residents can stay longer than 2 hours. Improving the A64, will help businesses, that are still trading in Scarborough, a means of getting stock quicker and efficiently. Make town shopping more appealing to residents as well as tourists.

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2 comments on “Various thoughts

  1. Well done Helen I think you have summed up my concerns, take down the lights on Seamer Road and reintroduce a roundabout, please let me know where dog walkers can go in summer? I see no reason why we cant share the beach all year round as we keep most cafes open during winter being the only soles out. The A64 is an embarrassment in this day and age.

  2. Additional to the above, maybe create spaces for dog walkers, enclosed spaces specifically for dogs to socialise. Improve local playgrounds, there is currently limited good facilities for local children to play outside, introduce outdoor exercise facilities and football/ball spaces. Maybe access to youth clubs/children activities that are not just for children with social problems.

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