Views of the young people of Ignite @ YMCA Scarborough

We need options for the LGBT community and a pride festival. We need an amusement park that is family-friendly and fun that’s not just for young children. More cultural activities for young people such as more contemporary art and a music venue. It’d be great to have more independent shops that support the local economy. We’d love a karaoke bar with bookable rooms to sing with friends. Could there be more shows at the OAT to bring more people and money into the town? There is no-where for young people to hang out and socialise without getting kicked out which doesn’t help the culture of people spending too much time on their phones. And where is our cinema? We’d also love more food options like Nandos and more international food.

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2 comments on “Views of the young people of Ignite @ YMCA Scarborough

  1. Perhaps an indoor climbing/bouldering/parkour centre would be a good investment to encourage young people to keep active all year round in exciting activities that develop skills and encourage young people into more outdoor activities in the summer.

  2. The views of the young people are paramount before providing activities and facilities. Is there still a youth council? The head boy & head girl from Graham school used to go around the other schools to speak in assembly to get others involved in the council.

    Yesterday, (a lovely sunny Sunday) the free football pitch/basket ball pitch on the north cliff gardens was empty, the play area there (for older kids) was empty, the trim trail there was empty. I wonder if families know they are there?

    The new pop-up ping-ping in the Brunswick seems to be mostly used by older men – do young people know it’s there?

    Do we need to consider FUNDING to support young people in access the plethora of sporting/creative opportunities? There are loads of football, table tennis, irish dance, street dance, drama ..etc ..etc. Perhaps the cost is prohibitive? ..or is just that parents cba to take them etc? (can’t be ar**d)

    but yes – we need to know what the barriers are before putting anything in place.

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