Vision for the Future

Many venues in Scarborough are suitable for holding cinematic programs, the Market Hall, Stephen Joseph Theatre, the Spa, Woodend Museum & the Library.
Is there any need for a multi-plex cinema?

The YMCA & Casino on St Thomas Street also hold event nights, as do many other town centric establishments.

The old ‘Argos’ block building needs to be flattened to make way for an outdoor market space together with a green rest space and children’s safe play area.
This would compliment a multi-functional Indoor Market and also enhance other heritage buildings and stores town-end of Queen Street.

The one way traffic flow should be changed to go down St Thomas Street and along St Nicholas Street towards the ‘culture’ end and South Bay. The car parks along St Thomas Street and North Street would become more visible as would many of the venues along that route. Traffic should flow slowly back up Eastborough & Queen Street with parking space reserved for the disabled and elderly.

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