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Fund the building of a natural-build hotel on Rose Street. Todmorden has lots of events with hundreds of people in attendance form outside of the town and they have to stay outside of the town, which loses revenue for local businesses.

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7 comments on “Visitor accommodation

  1. To encourage more visitors and income generated in the town, is there a car park somewhere for dedicated motorhome stopovers? It is a responsible community of people that look for safe places to park for the night, in self contained motorhomes.
    Similar to Aires.

  2. I have seen the plans for this straw build hotel and agree it would make a great addition to the area. It is unique so would attract people in to stay in this one off hotel. It will also be very affordable and feels ‘Todlike’.

    1. I have to say that the Queen’s hotel (which was closed and up for grabs for long enough) was and would have been a much more sensible location for a hotel in Todmorden. A missed opportunity if the local council was planning to invest in Tod as tourist hotspot. As it is, Todmorden is not a tourist hotspot (outside perhaps those few days in the year when events take place) by any stretch of the imagination, it is and feels a place run by and enjoyed by locals. Unless the town will develop a reputation like its neighbouring town Hebden Bridge within the next few years, a hotel in the town centre would serve very few people in general, and would benefit none of the locals. I think it would be too premature a project and a waste of funds to facilitate tourist accommodation before making the town more attractive to both the local community and potential tourists

  3. Absolutely agree – the visit length and spend needs to increase to make both current and future businesses viable.

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