Vita Nova “life changing”

Vita Nova is a charity providing a vital stepping-stone back into the community for those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Vita Nova works with some of the most vulnerable people in society including rough sleepers and ex-prisoners. It is a tool against the ‘revolving door’ system via prevention of relapse.
Established 21 years ago it is part of Bournemouth’s cultural landscape. Know nationally for its ground-breaking work in supporting people in recovery to regain their confidence / self esteem through community theatre work. Vita Nova helps people back into jobs and education. It provides a highly effective drugs preventative learning experience for schools, educating young people about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse by giving informed choices. Students watch a play that reflects the groups life experiences, followed by an opportunity to talk to the cast.

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8 comments on “Vita Nova “life changing”

  1. Vita Nova has been a huge part of my life over the past 10 years offering countless opportunities to enrich and strengthen my recovery.

  2. Vita Nova is an innovative way of dealing with a problem that is ours, as part of the community. It is not about them and us, it is about how addiction destroy the life of people who deserve better opportunities but that they are broken by their experiences in life and the failure of our community in support them and care for the bulmerability that we all face one way or another. Yes, as it is said, it could happened to anyone of us. Myself, my partner, my son or daughter. Vita Nova is helping those in recovery and those who can become victims of this sad illness and social problem, through different arts forms that help to increase self esteem and self awareness. A very plausible charity, we must support it if we want to look back and say “I did my best to help my community”.

  3. I have loved going to Vita Nova for Creative Writing sessions which are cathartic. It’s a great way to uncover more insights to the self and release negative emotions to find more joy and self love. Denise Davis Coach, Author & Speaker

  4. Vita Nova has helped many people in recovery over the years and has been working in collaboration with ‘we are with you’ charity that helps people with drug and alcohol issues. Vita Nova is a vital resource to help people build on their recovery and creativity as well as sending a positive message to the community they work with.

  5. Vita Nova contributes greatly to the wellbeing of people in recovery . The support through activities and workshops is immeasurable. The outreach work is also important to Boscombe and the surrounding areas.

  6. A vital resource for people in recovery, including myself, trying to build confidence and social connections with people through creativity and drama. I love the workshops and events, and in lockdown the online groups have been even more essential to combat the isolation i’ve experienced.

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