Warsop and meden vale

I would like to see improvements to warsop and meden vale. Over the last few years warsop as lost the sports venue and swimming pool meden vale as lost doctors surgery and it looks like we will lose local pub. There is no supermarket other than 2 coops. Everything we need we have to travel out of the 2 villages it is time we saw some investment in our villages

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5 comments on “Warsop and meden vale

  1. Warsop needs a swimming pool it’s so difficult to access any other in the town and people would really benefit the low impact exercise. Definitely a lane pool for exercise

    1. To see the former Sports Centre and Swimming pool stand empty and neglected is such a shame for Warsop. For years the Swimming pool suffered from a lack of investment as resources were directed at Rebecca Adlington and Water meadows, it is time this was put right for the benefit of the community.

  2. Please please can we have a large splash park!? The carrs I’d plenty big enough and if advertised properly will bring in all the sherwood tourists as well as everyone from surrounding areas. Ice creams and cafes selling food and drink are also a must! We are missing a trick here! X

  3. Warsop has been badly neglected over these past few years and gradually had what few assets it had, taken away.
    We were fortunate to have a swimming pool which was donated by local businessman Sir John Eastwood, this was closed by the county and district councils after many years of being run down and becoming too expensive to run. This was a huge loss, especially to the children of Warsop who are now forced to travel to Mansfield which is not cheap and probably prohibits families from taking their family swimming, a life skill that is so important.
    A decent children’s park that is not constantly being vandalised would be a great asset to our town. Mansfield has several superb parks and I feel that Warsop has been sadly left behind.
    An incentive by the council to enable small businesses to set up and occupy one of the many empty shops. If the shops are busy then the town benefits all round and Warsop is such a pretty village which should be allowed to thrive.

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