We need a skyline

Mansfield needs to develop a city feel if it’s younger residents, who often have a greater disposable income, are to spend their free time and money in the town. We need to use the money to regenerate the town, building small city type buildings. We are building lots of new housing in and around the town and all those new people need somewhere to spend it. We also need to develop the rail links. The Robin Hood line was a welcome development all those years ago but, if possible, the rail link needs to be developed rather than it remaining a branch line only serving Nottingham and Worksop

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3 comments on “We need a skyline

  1. I think it would be very good to have an industrial park for small businesses. Available for rent with small 20m² – 100m² workshops. More people are looking, but only large ones.

  2. A gigafactory for solar tiles (with free new roofs for Mansfield houses), this will give free power for the people and be able to export around the globe for generations. (Or give it to me!)

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