we need more excitement in Hereford

Hereford is dull, there is never anything going on for either young children or for adults. granted there is a few events every now and then but only decent events happen once a year (for example, beer on the wye for adults, and the may fair for children)

We need something that’s there all the time, maybe a new bar for adults, not a cheap tacky ones like the ones we have now but an actual up to date, modern place that invites the right attention to it. More play areas for children, local to town, i for one am a single mother so struggle going any where other than the town centre. I strive for more energy in Hereford it’s what we all need for a positive way of life!

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  1. One of the main attractions to Hereford City is the river Wye itself.
    The council should build a long very wide promenade both sides of the river to attract visitors and locals to use our beautiful asset.
    From the Hunderton railway bridge to the end of the Bishops Meadow. Coffee shops and evening bars and restaurants like the Left Bank example.
    Find ways of attracting visitors/locals to our special (particular/individual) attractions not building bigger shopping centres that are available all over the country.

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