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Better facilities for young people to have somewhere to go instead of turning to drink or drugs. Could double as some sort of well-being centre. The facilities in Barrow for dealing with mental health are very poor and there a lot of people who suffer because of this.

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11 comments on “Wellbeing centre

  1. We need a hub which is open to help with signposting to other agencies for people with mental health so that we can keep people alive. We have a lot of male suicides in this town. We need to do more to engage men, in particular young men. This hub could be used to engage groups of people such as young people and people from the lgbt community who can have support for their wellbeing on the spot if they feel they are at risk of hurting themselves or suicide or just doing key prevention work such as a crisis plan.

  2. Concentrate on making our town centre a desirable hub for meeting up, whether to shop, eat, drink, socialise. DO NOT allow the shops in Portland Walk to shut and be made into flats / serviced apartments – but liaise with the owners to get lower rent, incentives for the shops to remain. We are soon to lose Topshop, River Island from Portland Walk. Those shops pull the younger citizens into town (although all shops are fighting against the pull and better discounts offered when internet shopping). Offer free weekend parking, maybe within or near this area open family friendly units-(gaming arcades, a unit that local people could hire for days to maybe hold open days to advertise what they do – eg local theatre groups, sea cadets, st john ambulance, footy, rugby, gyms etc). The bottom end of Dalton Road already has bars and restaurants.. focus and improve this area as a social zone.. pedestrianised with nice overstreet lighting .. daytime entertainment to draw people in. We are also about to lose M & S. This is a real blow to the town as there will be no where in the Town Centre offering a range of fresh food. I feel this will essentially effect our more elderly residents. I truly feel that in Barrow we have to give every effort to focus on our Town Centre as this is a town where you often bump into somebody you know. For people’s mental health surely it’s a much better feel good factor to go out, peruse what’s on offer in the shops, hopefully buy something nice, have a catch up and refreshments – maybe get a beauty treatment (as Barrow has many wonderful salons). It’s certainly better for society than sitting at home ordering your food and clothes online

  3. Great idea. A Youth Zone designed to give young people somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. Engage young people and help them to develop new skills. Give them the opportunity to socialise in a safe, positive and accessible environment. Bring ‘youth services’ together under one roof, working in partnership to improve health and well-being. Offer support to those young people who need it at an earlier stage before problems escalate. Also a place where young people can just meet and have fun. Free WI-FI and open outside of school times e.g. some evenings, weekends and holidays.

  4. Great especially if it will be a place for young people to access activities/ WiFi in a safe and nurturing environment. There is very little free activities for children and young people to do once school finishes. This could help in preventing issues escalating if the right people are in post and the offer is what the children and young people want.

  5. This is one of the most essential things that can be done for this town. The town has absolutely minimal options for young people aged 12-18 other than sports. It is one of the main reasons young people suffer with mental illness and end up being associated with bad habits and fall prey to alcohol and drug peddlers.

  6. The Town would benefit massively from a mental health centre or something similar. There definitely isn’t enough out there for those struggling with mental health. There isn’t alot in Barrow for those that are desperately trying to recover from mental illness to build themselves back up again to get better either.

  7. I feel that there is a great urgency to get more facilities for people suffering from addiction, more mental heath services and more funding, as it is at this present time people have to wait to gain help with their mental health and have to wait a ridiculous time to be assessed,

    Barrow just doesn’t get the right amount of funding to cope and people are suffering, a 3 – 4 week wait to see a mental health specialist is ludicrous, this is due to staff being off sick! yet you travel an hour and a half away and you get to see them within a couple of days.

    Barrow is a suffering town and if things don’t improve rapidly there will be more deaths due to no support for them.

    Even the drug and alcohol services in the town have said there is no funding to help, they have had more people to see and you currently get 10 minutes with a key worker, how on earth they can justify such a short time when someone is suffering daily with the disease of addiction.

    Just imagine if it was a loved one of yours, more funding is desperately needed for Barrow.

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