Wellington car parking

Build something to sort out parking at wellington long stay!! Its a nightmare to park at the long stay carparks between 9am till 3pm when I and many more need to park cause we start work in these hours. Sometimes I leave the house 1 or 2 hours before my shift just so I can park.

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3 comments on “Wellington car parking

  1. Parking at Wellington station should become chargeable.
    Commuters will be happy to pay for the convenience. This in the long term will generate a business case for the construction of a multi storey carpark at Wellington station.

  2. Carpark at the station should be chargeable to discourage out of towners from using Wellington station just because parking is free

  3. This is not an issue – there are 1,000 free car parking spaces in Wellington and we should be setting a green agenda and encouraging a move to public transport and clean forms of transport. We need to reclaim the streets for pedestrians and cyclists.

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