West Street action area

An Action Area should be created for West Street. Feasibility of making this one-way (towards market place) should be undertaken, this could include narrowing the road, removing parking, creating space outside units for seating and improving accessibility. A grant scheme should be created where people can apply for funding to invest into property to improve and maintain active uses at ground floor with residential above. ANPR cameras with fines should be used to prevent illegal parking. This would free up movement particularly around the Eagle roundabout junction. There would be opportunities to improve bus flow (stops on West Street) and pedestrian links to the station. Street furniture, planting, and opportunities for community renewables (solar) should be investigated – funds created from this to be reinvested through the investment fund. Business rate relief should be offered to encourage investments. This could be like Townscape Heritage Initiative but on a more generalised Basis

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  1. I agree with many of the sentiments that a number of improvements are needed within the West Street area. These do include more planting areas to brighten up the area, investments in refurbishing the buildings that have become unsightly over time due to being uncared for and lack of investment. There has to be improvements in the pavements and the road as well. There also needs to be better enforcement in illegal parking and anti-social behaviour within the area to help with improving the image of the area.

    I disagree with making the street one way due to the fact that there is a residential area off West Street, where I have lived all my life. In order to access Sleaford Road and the A52 towards Grantham and the A17 towards Lincoln, I would need to go through town, access John Adams Way and add to the already congested Liqourpond Street roundabout. This would actually increase my environmental impact through my car use in the town. I would suggest that, to improve the traffic flow, have street parking on only one side of the street, develop delivery areas at the back of the shops and improve enforcement.

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