Western Bypass

Desperately need a Western Bypass to allow the detrunking of the A49 through the City. This will allow cycle lanes, bus lanes and active travel measures to be safe and available together with reduced levels of pollution within the City

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3 comments on “Western Bypass

  1. But if you divert the heavies, how will you restock the whole of central Hereford shopping, and how will removing 7% of traffic from the city make all the difference to those that can only be persuaded to venture out without a car when they perceive the streets to be safe? There will still be peak time congestion, we all know how much better the traffic is during school holidays. Has little to do with the heavies!

    It will take min. 7 years to build a new road, which is by far the most expensive as well as slow option, and sitting round waiting for a new road seems pointless, when new cycle lanes and footpaths are quick and easy to make. In an ideal world we’d have regular public transport from 0530 to 2330, a feat not unheard of in many similarly sized German towns. But for now, in brexit austerity covid scarred Britain, we shall have to just make do with feet and bikes. At least outdoor social distancing is fairly easy…

    More roads will just be more pollution, more wasted cash, and more back handlers for the various Tory construction industry donors, and ever worse flooding caused by accelerating climate change. Is business as usual really the best option with 7+ billion people and counting? I’m very doubtful that it is.

  2. All of the above would be true if the through traffic in Hereford was more than the paltry 7% that it is. Sadly the congestion that the professional moaners dislike so much is almost all made up of large off road vehicles taking various children to various schools, as 93% of all journeys start and/or terminate in the city itself. Until kids walk to school again, no amount of trunk road tarmac will make a difference to traffic in Hereford. This sort of lazy thinking will only serve to waste taxpayers’ money pursuing the very 1980s fix of more roads. In 1994 the planning inspector rejected the then eastern bypass proposal saying Hereford would do well to invest in cycling to reduce infra city traffic. We are still waiting….

  3. The need to force traffic away from city centres generally is clear, in Hereford the need to de-trunk and divert traffic cannot be denied because we all experience the misery of traffic jams in the city and have suffered it’s depravations for many decades. The commuter run and school run are major contributors to this misery that can only be addressed when the “heavies” have been diverted around the city. Once that has been achieved we can set about providing efficient park and rides, cycle and pedestrian priority access and clean quiet alternative ways of moving local goods in and out of the City.

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