What I would like to see in Leyland

Pavements upgraded as in Preston Pedestrian area to hold street markets and make the centre more attractive with hanging baskets which we used to have . Our own police station back with more visible on the streets to cope with all the new builds Multi sports centre to include swimming with high diving boards plus a coffee shop for teenagers to meet and enjoy facilities. Will also help to keep 10/12 year olds from openly selling drugs So would the police presence Efficient security system put on Worden Park which we are so lucky to have on our doorstep and stop recent vandalism less take a ways and hairdressers and charity shops We have more than some cities . More surgeries so people can work with local council and get their views across . But I think excellent up to date facilities for the youth of the town
To attract them to stay in their own environment . They look elsewhere because there is nothing in Leyland to attract them to stay But let’s get Leyland looking more attractive

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