Where do I start! Just to name a few…

A) subsidise the rental market for small and independent shops alongside the larger stores that sell products that we actually want.

B) have some standards of cleanliness and in all areas and actively address the areas surrounding the town centre.

C)address the fact that for families that want to have safe and entertaining option for there children it involves driving somewhere or visiting indoor places.

D) turn the street lights back on.

E) invest in electric car infrastructure for terraced housing

F) employ community wardens that help to build activities and experiences for those who don’t have them

G) incentives for effective neighbourhood watch schemes

H) improve the available policing units on the high street and surrounding areas.

I) Allow other business to operate on monopolised sites owner by the towns mayor.

J) Increased sanctions for anti social and disruptive behaviours

K) employ all homeless people in return for sheltered accommodation.

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