Whitby’s Community Food System

Whitby is surrounded by farming, forestry and fishing but has limited local food production in particular dairy products and no local food markets.
A “community food system” is one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, and social and nutritional health of a particular place.
A local micro dairy, food processing and training centre could be an innovative way of using local products, from farm/sea to fork, reducing food mileage and ensuring all stages of food production is environmentally friendly. The training side could involve students/local businesses in developing local food products etc. to supply the large number of local cafés & restaurants with links to Askham Bryan College and National Agri-Food Innovation Campus, Sand Hutton, York.

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2 comments on “Whitby’s Community Food System

  1. A development on Whitby Business Park with perhaps ties into Botham’s, Whitby Sea Food, other food companies and the many chefs in the area could compliment this project, with local suppliers all working to agreed environmental standards.

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