Whitby’s Maritime Centre

2.1 Harbour has always been the business centre and focal point but piecemeal development has led to a dysfunctional overcrowded area with low paid jobs, long-term strategy is needed.
2.2 Parkol build second centre on Endeavour wharf, include Viewing Gallery to watch ship building in progress & Maritime Centre (link to National Maritime Museum in Greenwich?)
2.3 “Enter the Whale” experience – see Nat. Maritime Museum Amsterdam.
2.4 Re-open Botanic Garden and link to Centre + Captain Cook & Pannett Park museums
2.5 Expand Fish & Ships Festival
2.6 6th Form College – expand include fishing school/adults training in heritage/ modern ship/building skills to meet environmental objectives
2.7 Review use of harbour and land: create a “Trust Port”, move from car parking/fast food outlets to improved visitor/resident experience. Restyle Fish market/huts use for local fish & food markets, open up area for better utilisation

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4 comments on “Whitby’s Maritime Centre

  1. I was very impressed with Suki Sehmbi, Sheffield Hallam University President’s Medal winning proposal for Whitby and at the time suggested Whitby Town Council invited Suki to the Town Council to discuss the proposal “The Vessel of Possibilities – A Symbiosis of Industry and Life in Whitby” see http://www.presidentsmedals.com/Entry-32781
    Having just watched Rick Stein’s visit to Copenhagen including a visit to Paper Island to sample street food this could be an amazing proposal for Endeavour Wharf as a street market/entertainment centre, if we can get rid of the car parks spoiling Whitby. It could also remove the kiosks on Pier Road blocking up the pavements, opening up the views, allowing visitors to move more freely, removing the littering problem, and perhaps allowing for evening use by local restaurants.

  2. I wonder if there is a possible market (post Brexit) for BOAT building ??? There may be a possible upsurge in local fishing, training on building/repairing Yorkshire Cobles for example. I would refer to a local expert, say, Steve Scott wjho is based at the Batts, alongside the river Esk.

  3. Parkol Marine applied to SBC to take over Endeavour Wharf when the big shed was still in place, they wanted to open a visitors centre, this was turned down as the land could make more money as a car park!!

  4. I agree with all of the above points as they improve, expand and credit the area for residents and tourists which is hugely important. was one of the richest towns in England in the 18th century. It no longer has its means of income, but it has its unique history and it is important, as an island, for people to know about our maritime history. It is special to Whitby and should be celebrated to its full potential. There are many people who would visit the town if they knew how Whitby developed and what the maritime history has meant here. Whitby Lifeboat is part of this too. Please build on this.

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