Whitby’s Maritime Quarter

Create a “maritime quarter” in order to conserve heritage and promote tourism with the end goal of fostering local economic growth. The heritage sector is indirectly a significant source of support for jobs in the local economies and Whitby has a large Conservation area and a high number of listed buildings and ancient monuments
Have a sixth form/technical college specialising in heritage skills, knowledge and expertise particularly for the construction sector covering the repair, maintenance and conservation of historic buildings as well as archaeological surveying for major infrastructure projects.

See “The heritage sector in England and its impact on the economy. An updated report for Historic England June 2019” for more information

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2 comments on “Whitby’s Maritime Quarter

  1. Whitby was one of the richest towns in England in the 18th century. It no longer has its means of income, but it has its unique history and it is important, as an island, for people to know about our maritime history. It is special to Whitby and should be celebrated to its full potential. There are many people who would visit the town if they knew how Whitby developed and what the maritime history has meant here. Whitby Lifeboat is part of this too. Please build on this.

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