Wide Bargate regenration

Wide Bargate is starting to look really tired the footpaths have been ripped up that many times the slabs are breaking and uneven. The planters have been paved over and the whole place is just crying out for rejuvenation.

What I would like to suggest is a redevelopment of the area from prezzo across to next and down to strait bargate. This area should be pedestrianised from the former Post office (so that access can be gained to the county club and park) and a continental outdoor area should.be created. Dancing fountains could be installed so that kids can play in them in the summer. Alternatively a water feature similar to skegness could be placed. Another option is a statue in the middle of someone or somthing famous to come out of Boston in the last 100 years or so.

The pedestrianised wide bargate would also link strait bargate to Pescod square, red lion street ( if developed) and more importantly the war memorial making the whole area more accessible.

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