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  1. Free super fast broadband so that home working can be possible from this area. In the post COVID 19 world there will be much more home working which will benefit local economies. Local economies will therefore need the telecoms infrastructure to take full advantage of this.

  2. Stuff the 5g network we need to have fiber in this area and surrounding area it’s about time bt and other companies invested more money to do this as they charge stupid amounts to have this installed.
    Having fiber installed between skegness and mablethorpe would help so many people out regarding access to the internet especially the retirees who have worked hard around the area all there life and paid into the system all there life give a little back to them and the locals to make life easier for comunication. It would also in turn aid the tourism area because tourists could then access internet easier around caravan sites, hotels, also businesses would benefit with digital pay transactions making the act of paying for something easier to control regarding cross contamination with this coved thing. This should have been done by now anyway we’re in the 21st century but are living in the eighties regarding facilities. It’s a digital age lets get it up to scratch.

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