Windmill Market

Large space unused and abandoned. Needs pulling down & could be a great site for redevelopment.
Smethwick is very diverse in communities.
This space would be great to turn into a shared space where sharing & purchasing of a variety of goods would work well.
This area could work very well as the famous rag market in Birmingham.
Food, clothing & wellbeing would be ideal in this central space.
Bringing communities together could be the focus in uniting the area.

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10 comments on “Windmill Market

  1. Smethwick swimming baths- this is an iconic historical venue. The Beatles played there along with many famous bands and musicians. The site has not had any money spent on it for years and is in a terrible state. Money should be spent updating the facilities and creating a cultural venue drawing on the music history to generate more interest and culture in the area.

  2. I think they could turn what was the Market Hall on the Windmill Shopping Centre into an M&S Food store. I have suggested this to M&S themselves. It would be great for me as I currently work at the M&S store in Merry Hill and I live in Smethwick and it’s a bit of a trek for me by bus.

  3. It is ridiculous the amount of traffic bus 87 has to go through to get into town, consider bus lanes to avoid Smethwick and Cape Hill Traffic.

    Add metro link at Smethwick Galton Bridge.

    Widening B4169,

    Improve the diversity of points of interests at B1496. The road is a staple of the Seikh community, but perhaps more diverse POIs to encourage more community integration.

    1. Tbh they need better Metro links, for the one in Bearwood which might be built and at Hawthorns you have to travel to West Brom in wrong direct which is ridiculous. Takes too long and too complicated, needs to be better bus links for those of us not near main roads. I lost links to 12 bus so it takes longer to get to Oldbury, Bearwood and Birmingham and leisure centres.

    2. I used to get 444 or 55 to 12 now its a nightmare. X7 was good but links were poor from our section and the route was odd it should have gone to Cape Hill as limited stop and served High St, add to this lack of brand name shops (only Cape Hill and Bearwood has them and getting to Bearwood a nightmare without a car) that would attract people.

  4. Smethwick could do with some roads improvement and speed limits cameras on certain roads plus speeds bumps on roads like mansion crescent where cars go up and down as if they are on the speed track we got kids and families living here only recently there was an accident the guy was drunk and hit 3 cars all right off that’s how bad it is around here, security needs improvement plus cape hill area needs improvement it looks like a hight street of a third world country.

  5. Knock the old laundry on Beakes rd down and build affordable housing could get 10 decent size houses on there.We have had to put up with this blot on the landscape for the last 16 years please help

  6. We need high brand name shops, we have plenty of variety of other shops on the cape hill and the high street and Dudley road.
    Brand name shops bring in more revenue and are looked after more

  7. We need better housing around Cape Hill. Knock and rebuild the old houses around Windmill Lane. There was funds supposedly allocated to the Winmill Eye project years ago.

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