“Worcester Wireless”

A Worcester City-wide wireless service from the Cathedral down to Gheluvelt Park and along the side roads to The Chestnut Tree Inn and down to the Commandery.
Local businesses can under-write the costs out of their rents and the wireless service could be used for advertising and location mapping (“The Commandery is 150m down the high street and turn left for 50m).

It could also be used for visitors to Worcester that arrive by train and can locate their hotels and tourist spots, etc. as well as reduce the costs of wireless provision to the local shops that buy-into it.

It could also be used for emergency services to talk to eachother using a hidden SSID (wireless channel) so shops and the services can locate an emergency by the location of the wireless point.

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1 comment on ““Worcester Wireless”

  1. I like this idea it makes perfect sense especially when we are still
    adjusting to living in a world with Covid-19.
    I wonder why the proposal does not include the St. Johns’ side of the City ?

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