Work, projects and opportunities after The Virus

After the COVID-19 pandemic passes, we’re going to need to rebuild.

That means rebuild the economy, rebuild our working lives and rebuild the town centre.

The old traditional ways of employment and socialising won’t be there.

That’s why I think the town needs a multi-purpose creative space in one of the larger empty units.

My idea is that this could be used as a co-working or creative space during the day. A place for people to gather (both young & old) to work together on business ideas, community projects or just trying to start something new.

Whether we like it or not, more people will have to think as “entrepreneurs” after the virus – as jobs going to be few & far between.

My idea is that the space could then be TRANSFORMED after 6pm. And then used for cinema nights, gigs, choir practice, and maybe community club nights. A mix of things really; bringing life into the town centre.

It should inspire other businesses to open nearby too..

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