Work skills and experience

Herefordshire urgently needs to attract, retain and develop talented learners and across all ages. Companies don’t feel equipped to have a school participant for a whole week of work experience, and companies who are attractive receive too many requests that they can’t fulfil. In addition children are limited by the possibilities put forward by their educational system and families. Let’s change that. Let’s join up all the skills we have and offer it an exciting hub of learning. A existing unused building could be regenerated into life and led by real business leaders and innovators who have made things happen. Inspiration is contagious.

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  1. This is already being resolved by the already existing CEC and others who are creating career hubs.. the first trial is in Shrewsbury. There are already many people and organisations involved with career advice work experience upskilling and preparing for emerging jobs and work so this doesn’t need to be the conversion of a building existing or not and the reinventing of a wheel that already exists
    We have already have the colleges, schools and training providers delivering all sorts of skills delivery for all ages from basic level to degree and above and this is without the addition of Nmite
    Surely the issue is that you don’t know where to access this information or for people to know how and where to access this information and finally to ensure quality and true impartiality of information to those people

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