Works Experience for Young Adults

A warehouse size building sectioned off into many differing career rooms, so one section would be like being in a hospital, then next would be full of computers like admin, IT and reception work, one might be about armed forces, etc etc, then people come and try out each workplace, getting coached by trained employment advisers on what challenges they can face in each and how to handle those, we can deliver short training courses to all, signpost to colleges, get college staff in for talks, people can come to a nice friendly environment with peers and people they know in services as they can be low in confidence, we can do well-being chats and CV workshops all for free, get locals to run it and run a tea/cafe function for those who want retail experience, its more than a college its a place to connect and boost both personal and professional skills. Please please please can we have something like this in Hartlepool, college can be too formal, we are being REAL with young people.

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