Young People need social spaces

Peterborough has been voted one of the worst places to live. Bring back Youth centres across the ciy that were closed down in the late 1980,s certain youth clubs should specialise in activities for free in the evenings 7pm – 10pm for teenagers.. aged 13 to 18 ..Monday to Friday ie boxing, fencing, learning to be a muscian, blacksmithing, free style dance, art, life skills. Youth clubs should not be in school settings! There is a lot of poverty in Peterborough, so many young people cannot afford to pay for activities.. young people are often home alone due to parents/carers zero hours contracts..we would reduce social care and mental health interventions because young people would have better opportunities and we would have a proactive robust resilient generation for the future.
We also need this for Young People with special needs too! This would also give parents extended working opportunities.

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