Somewhere for the younger people to hang out and keep out of mischief, sports centre with swimming and fitness facilities, something that will last for years to come

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  1. A youth club should be a priority,the kids just hang about outside Tescos like it is some kind of social hub with “some” making a nuisance of themselves,littering the area etc,not their fault as there is no where else for them to hang out yet the old youth club is derelict & making the town look an eyesore,we are too far out of the way here in Millom for the kids to have access to facilities that would keep them entertained & out of trouble & i think it should be well up there on the list of priorities especially if we are to help stop vandalism which even though is inexcusable comes down to boredom,especially on long cold winter nights when they have no where to socialise.

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