Youth centre

A youth centre/training centre, there’s nothing for the young leading to antisocial behaviour, maybe a youth club teaching skills like cooking, handling finance understanding money, music and sport, support for parents including the locals schools

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5 comments on “Youth centre

  1. It is important that space aimed at young people is included in out town plan. It is also important that young people themselves go on this portal and say what the want. I am 52 so I need their opinions. In the past when I have consulted with young people they want wifi and a place to hang out together without adult mediation. If we had a live music venue/ arts centre, perhaps it could include a very cheap café that did not sell alcohol, aimed at young people. With a separate room for organised activities. There could be a nearby space for skate boarding etc.

  2. I agree, Teenagers need somewhere to go in an evening to meet up and have activities.. Games.. sport.. Dancing.. Etc.. It was the in place to go in long Eaton when I was young 45 yrs ago.. and for it not to be expensive to get in.. There is nowhere for them to go.. Unless they have to pay a fortune for gymnastics, dancing, horse riding etc. alit of families can’t afford to spend too much on outside actives for their children

  3. The current youth club on Derby Road is really old now and not fit for purpose. I agree a new youth centre would be ideal, but not hidden out of the way – put it in the centre of town for all to access safely so that young people have a space and feel included in the community. Of course revenue funding would also be needed for sustainability so don’t spend all of the money on capital projects, ensure there is funding to run it too without relying 100% on the voluntary sector.

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