Youth Centres

The kids in and around Bishop Auckland are too often resorting to smashing bus stops and terrorising strangers and passing cars. The youth club in my village has been closed for a few years, and I have since noticed more crime and antisocial behaviour from young people. When I was younger (I’m in my twenties, so not that long ago) I went to the youth club once a week and it cost 50p entry. They helped keep us out of trouble, we had homework clubs and group games and a tuck shop. We played pool and went on trips every now and then. It helped me keep in touch with primary school friends that went to different secondary schools. My point is, I don’t really hear of youth clubs being a thing anymore and maybe if kids had somewhere to go and be safely off the streets once or twice a week, they might be more content and not resort to breaking council property and throwing things at passing cars etc. as a form of entertainment.

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