Youth of today.

I would love to see more funding in the youth and community sector, ten years ago we had loads of youth centres catering for the whole community it has dwindled other the years due to lack of funding, which has ment that 16 to 25 year olds are left with little or nothing to set their sites on, youth centres create a safe environment for young people to go to, of whom may find them selfs wondering the streets or causing trouble through boredom. they used to do outreach in the community to involve the harder to reach people who may fall into crime with out the guidance of trained people to include them in the community, they also used to offer training and life skills which are so valuable to youth, building confidence to prepare them for society and the bigger world after secondary education, even offering careers guidance and work experience, as well as community events such as cleaning the community aswell as community days, encouraging people to work and come together.

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