Youth Provision

We have an abundance of natural ‘facilities’ for the summer that the youth of the town can enjoy outside. However when it comes to winter where can they go to learn, let off steam and enjoy themselves. There needs to be some form of youth provision that they can enjoy all year round but certainly in winter when the days are short and the nights are very long.

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3 comments on “Youth Provision

  1. Definitely set places to go and things to do. And spaces to hang out. The youth are the future, if we want them to stay in towns like Whitby, they need to be proud of it, taking part in what goes on – training/visits from lifeboat crew, police, fire service etc. An urban/maritime Young Farmers. Maybe groups to renovate areas/buildings.

  2. I think it is “somewheres” rather than somewhere. We are essentially a rural area and need a network of small youth “enterprises”. Our experience with Men’s & Women’s Sheds is that a spread enables people to relate locally. There are youth clubs in some places (Staithes has a very active one) and the Staithes Shed is hoping to work with the Youth Club on workshop activities in school breaks.

  3. We need a permanent safe place that our young people can go to.
    With learning opportunities like the princes trust and other mentoring by adults who can help them gain skills and knowledge to prepare them for adulthood.

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