Youth services

Money needs to be invested into our youth. Since the removal of funding for youth projects, clubs have been forced to shut down. This has had a massive impact on the young people in the community and the community in general. Youth clubs were a safe place for young people to attend. Separate from school, a supportive environment that helped support young people to be positive members of their communities. Providing them with opportunities to go out into the community and offer their skills and help. Youth clubs were a place that young people could go were they felt safe and appreciated for their talents. They could confide in staff members about issues that effected them. They felt listened to, and had a sense of pride in where they live.

Now young people have no where to go. Other people see them as degenerate, nuisances. Some become involved in gangs and abuse drugs and alcohol. Others will sit and play computer games at home. Youth groups would be a positive use of money.

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