Zero Carbon Glastonbury

Glastonbury Town Council (along with many town, district and county councils, and the British Government) has declared a Climate Emergency. Therefore all our economic development needs to be aiming for a Zero Carbon future. Here is a list of potential projects with that in mind:
Solar park
Community owned panels on public buildings
Wind turbines
Anaerobic digester
Heat pumps
Green Gas Mill
Bio-fuels for transport and heating
Install electric cables for fast EV charge points
E Car club
Cycle lanes on main roads
One-way system down High St., or pedestrianise High St., or High St. open only to buses, deliveries, etc.
Electric Tor Bus all year round, including service to Beckery
Electric Bus service to Castle Cary station
Community Fridge
Community Kitche/Hub
Community Land Trust with Ecohomes for growers
More allotments
All land glyphosate free (no retail sales)
Tree planting for both re-wilding and bio fuels.
Growing hemp for fabric, fuel, etc.

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9 comments on “Zero Carbon Glastonbury

  1. The best suggestion so far -to create environmental resilient & sustainable community with renewable energy, decarbonise transport, support regenerative eco business & enable long term sustainability for the town & neighbouring/visiting people. A healthy & resilient community – yes please!

  2. There is a huge will for low impact dwellings, ecohomes, including simple and sustainable living, using small parcels of land, growing organic food on small holdings. Up til now people are put off by out of date and arbitrary planning rules around living on one’s own land, even in low impact dwellings. This needs to change, and low impact sustainable living land projects need to be supported by the English government, as they are by the Welsh assembly.

    1. Where would you suggest ?
      Glastonbury mostly is in fact elevated , the levels have flooded for millennia .
      The clue is in the name .

  3. There are some great ideas here. Elsewhere there are lamp posts that are adapted to be electric vehicle charging points, and the adjacent parking bay reserved for electric vehicles. Contact Dale Vince of Ecotricity?
    Making the High St one way would mean more road miles and more pollution though. It would make havoc with the bus routes too.

  4. Yes to above esp community-owned wind and roof-top solar. Also to revitalising fibre production using wet-loving plants. Would flax grow well here?

  5. I agree.Glastonbury could and should be a leader in green innovation – it’s what you’d expect from such a key spiritual centre. I sometimes wonder if people come here and feel disappointed by the lack of the things listed above. Oh and you forgot to mention 5G: there should be no 5G, ever.

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